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Dave Hanson

David Hanson, a true patriot, and defender of our Constitution. He will champion your rights.


David believes fairness, truth, and justice are fundamental principles to be applied to every situation. Our democratic ideals need not be compromised because of fear of national security.  Education is the cornerstone to strong America; we must invest in our youth. Opportunities will always present themselves through a strong economy that works for everyone.


All Americans must access to healthcare, a living wage, and affordable housing. Our government must take a much more active role against opiate addiction.  We must invest in our infrastructure, so we spend less time commuting to work, and more time with our families. Americans across the political spectrum agree we must have clean air, clean water, and access to public lands.


David believes a strong family nucleus is the basis to a strong America, and the family nucleus must include everyone.


Dave Hanson has been fighting for our country his entire adult life.  A career Navy man, he served around the country and overseas and spent his entire career in the intelligence field.  Since retiring as a Captain in 2008, he continued in the intelligence community as a civil servant, working mainly with our SEALS, Green Berets, and other Special Operations Forces.  A sub-specialist on Russian affairs, he earned a Masters degree from the Naval Postgraduate School in Russian and Eastern European Affairs.  He also holds graduate degrees from Oxford University and the Naval War College.

Dave and his wife Elizabeth moved to Fairfax County over 20 years ago and have raised their three children here.  Elizabeth is an educator at Northern Virginia Community College, and all three children study in the local area.  


Dave is an avid outdoorsman and treasures our Appalachian heritage.  In 2010, he completed the Appalachian Trail and maintains a section of trail on behalf of the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club.